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A Little Hug goes a long way

Designed & Handmade by Karen Huggins

Give a Diva a Sewing Machine and watch the magic happen!


Lots more Huggable

Sewing professor left side.png

Sewing Clinic 

is now open. 

Sewing Skills
Beginners, Improve and Creators 
Whether you are a beginners and looking to improve your sewing skills we have a range of sewing sessions suited to getting the best out of your sewing machine.
Learning is Relaxing  
Crocheting is good for the Mind, Body and Spirits and helps to relieve stress whilst increasing self esteem and creativity. A great craft to learn for personal use or the budding entrepreneur
Pattern Cutting
Learn Technical Skill  
Knowing how to make a garment starts with understanding the blueprint. Pattern cutting/making is the technique behind the creation. Learn from beginners or to improve your skills
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