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A Little Hug goes a long way

Designed & Handmade by Karen Huggins


Time for a Little Hug

Every one needs a Hug and with our range of cushions nothing beats a little Hug now and then. With the softness and warm feel of these cushion they aim to give you a happy feeling 


Start with little Hug then give yourself a Big Hug. All cushions have versatility and great travelling companions. 

Designed and Handmade in the UK.

Made from Polyester fleece in a variety of colours. Check out our range, there is something for the whole family.

Something for them


Hug Cushions


Little Hug Cushion can be carried around on your back, an idea travelling companion. With easy to attach and detach strap to fit over the shoulders of your toddler.

Large pocket in the back to hold a little treat or book and are soft enough to lay your head down to rest.

Made from 100% Polyester Fleece

Age 12-36 months

Big Hugs

Big Hug Cushions

These Big Hug Cushion are so comfortable and can be used in a variety of ways.


As a neck cushion to help support your neck and head as you rest, relax or travel.

As a chuncky scarf keeping the neck, ears and upper chest warm.

As a lower back cushion giving a little support as you sit.

As a long cushion to lay and curl up next to.

and many other uses

Give yourself a well deserved Big Hug

Made from 100% Polyester Fleece

Good for all ages

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