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A Little Hug goes a long way

Designed & Handmade by Karen Huggins

Changing Mats

Time for a change

The Little Huggins Changing mats are full of versatility and can be used as a changing mat, a space to rest baby down for a nap, a pajama case or fold up as a cushion. 


With a spacious area lay baby down for changing or naps. The mats also have pockets to store changing equipment, clothing or toys in and when you are ready, fold it up and fasten to be carried/stored or use as a cushion.

From new born to children up to 5 year olds these changing mats are designed and Handmade in the UK and are made to order, (please allow up to 10 days for your order to be processed & dispatched).

Made from Cotton and/or Polyester fleece and come in a range of styles and colours.

Something for them


Tembo changing mat
Tembo changing mat




Changing mat


Changing mat into a cushion
Tembo changing mat
Tembo changing mat

Tembo Changing Mat

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